By: Amanda Martinek

Mondays usually yeild a tiny crowd, if any. The opener on a Monday night; even less. But last Monday at the Casbah, droves of drive-hard fans showed up EARLY for local thrashers Shady Francos. Two dudes and a super hot girl bassist, who all looked like they just rolled out of bed, head banged, played the same three loveable garage rock chords in different variations and made the crowd go mental.

Then, everyone seemed to dissappear. Next up was Devon Williams, a band that could have written the soundtrack to every John Hughes movie ever made. They absolutely nailed the new-wavey, 80’s heartbreak pop music, but after the raw energy of the Francos clan, the mood was too low to keep people interested. Unfortunately for the crowd however, since this group was awesome.

Last up was Jacuzzi Boys, a trio from Miami, Florida that remind me nothing about Miami, Florida except their sequiny, hand-spray painted backdrop. The Boys were LOUD, as they ripped through track after track, fog filling up the tiny room until only a blurry sillhouette of the band members could be seen. Two people in the crowd tried to rile everyone up to mosh, but the lack of able and interested bodies seem to ruin their attempt. Overall, their set was fantastic, but after listening to their recorded albums so much, I was bummed to not be able to hear the vocals over the ear-bleeding sound. Hope I get to hear more next time.

Photos by Amanda Martinek