If you didn’t already love Ed Ghost Tucker than you will now. Not only do these guys have great taste in music, they are amazing live. Check out their eclectic top 5 playlist and catch them at our 1st Soda Bar show tonight!


1. Noel Rosa – Gago Apaixonado 

A stuttering lover attempts to declare his love, turning stutter to samba. -Rutger


2. Radiohead – Bloom 

Cause it’s hard leave Radiohead off of any list. Trippayy. – Ryan


  1. Rhye – Open

Androgyny and luuuuughve. – Michaela


  1. Sade – By Your Side

No explanation needed <3


  1. The Fleetwoods – Runaround

The way these lyrics and all the vocals are delivered is so cool. Stylish, simple, unapologetic, and close to the heart. – Cam