sun-shy-dressesArtist: Dresses
Album: Sun Shy
Release Date: October 22, 2013
The Portland-based indie pop due Dresses are the prime age of 21, cute as buttons, and are in love. And you can hear all of this in their music.

So depending upon current relationship status, affinity towards rom-coms and how much you like or despise the term “indie pop”, you will either love their new album Sun Shy or it will make you want to jump out of a moving car.

Luckily, Dresses caught me on a good day, and I enjoyed this record. Their songs have catchy, cute melodies, paired with fun and easy-going lyrics. Like so many bands of the moment, the boy/girl vocals create pretty harmonies and give the band range to sound different from song to song.

Though the majority of songs sound like they were made with rainbows and sunshine, Dresses ironically shines when they get darker. The track “Friends Are Dead” shows emotionally mature lyrics filled with interesting introspective thoughts and a slowed down tempo. It feels more real.

While their music is positive, fun and filled with hope and happiness, you can only take so much. Basically, Sun Shy is just like eating fluffy, sugary, delicious marshmallows. Feels good going down until you consume one too many and end up with a stomach ache.

Dresses played The Casbah in support of Mona in late November and will hopefully be back in San Diego again soon! Learn more about Dresses on

By: Amanda Martinek