A steadfast favorite in the San Diego Scene, The Paragraphs release self-titled album and music video,“Friend of Mine.”

Running off the buzz from their last album, It’s Always Never (a nominee for Best Rock Record at the San Diego Music Awards in 2017), The Paragraphs have gifted us with yet another hard-hitting creation. Their self titled album, released this past May, features a blend of alluring vocals and strong lead guitar.

When I was first sent this piece to review, I was instantly hit with the tone of the first track, “Hold My Eyes.” It highlights an individuality that rings through each song on the album. Almost reminiscent of some of The Growlers’ earlier works, The Paragraphs have added their own flair to an already distinct Californian sound. There’s something about the croon of vocalist Jesse Lee that pulls you forward with every verse. 

Listening in towards the third song, it’s evident why “Friend of Mine,” has earned itself a music video. From the moment the first riff kicks off, the song holds an echo of classic rock roots with a slight southern twang shining through vocally. It’s hard not to bob your head, but pay special attention to the lyrics. In this song and the album as a whole, Lee depicts personal struggles, with verses like “it’s been too many nights putting up a fight, with a ghost in my bed and the devil inside.” 

In their press release, Lee opens up saying

the process of writing and recording this record came at a very difficult time. My ongoing struggles with bipolar depression and my addictions had taken the best out of me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The creation of art is vulnerability at its purest form, this release being a perfect example.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the strength it takes to open up so publicly, on difficult issues that many struggle with daily. The Paragraphs have created a summer soundtrack for adventure, for expression, creation, but most of all – for reflection. 

The Paragraph’s self titled album is available for streaming on all major streaming platforms and make sure to watch the music video for “Friend of Mine,” linked below, and catch their next show: Thursday, July 18th at Belly Up.