ListenSD had a blast covering the 30th annual San Diego Music Awards, presented on Tuesday, August 24,  2021 at Humphreys by the Bay. 

Best Folk or Acoustic Song: Lee Coulter Look Away 

Best Jazz Album: Ed Kornhauser The Short Years 

Best Blues Album: Whitney Shay Stand Up! 

Best Americana, Jazz or Blues Song: Shane Hall  Tapes 

Best Hip Hop or Rap Song: Sloat Dixon Sloat Style  Under My Voodoo 

Best Americana or Country Album: Coral Bells – Treehouse

Best Hip Hop or Rap Album: Black Hesher Saints and Sirens 

Best Pop Song: Tonya Jae Leave the House 

Best Pop Album: Gregory Page One Hell of a Memory 

Best Rock Song: Suede Radio The Premonition 

Best Rock Album: Electric Mud Communication 

Best Indie/Alternative Song: The Frets Daisy 

Best Indie/Alternative Album: Aviator Stash Psiyh 

Best World Music Album: New Leaf Feels Like… 

Best R&B, Funk or Soul Album: Kahlil Nash Transcendence 

Best Local Recording: Skyler Lutes Rewind 

Best Video: Heavy Hawaii Boy Don’t Drown 

Album of the Year: Gregory Page One Hell of a Memory 

Song of the Year: Rebecca Jade featuring with Jason Mraz, Miki Vale & Veronica May BadWolves 

Lifetime Achievement Award – Jerry Raney 

Music Industry Award – Liz Abbott / The Troubadour

covered by: Craig Schreiber (@waveglaze on Insta)