Artist: Imagery Machine
Title: Skydriver EP
Release Date: July 27, 2017
Label: Self-release

Diving boldly into their Skydriver EP, Imagery Machine delivers a different shade of cool than their inaugural release.

Local four piece Imagery Machine have been together for about two years, and are receiving growing recognition in conjunction with the release of their second offering. Their debut self-titled EP was previously nominated for the San Diego Music Awards‘ Best Indie/Alternative Album this year, so it comes as no surprise that their beachy Californian sound has gained an interest by locals. Skydriver is an organic creation that blends the chill and breezy vibes of San Diego.

The opening track “Skydriver” is a fun, bright jam, particularly notable for its harmonies. The soulful vocals of Daechelle Hernandez and Jennie Lynn intertwine to create a sweet and inviting track. The track “City of Ancients” infects the listener and asks them to dance, and deserves a spot on your summer playlist.

Overall, the EP is made up of an effortlessly fluid mixture of reggae and indie rock; The alternating styles reveal Imagery Machine’s versatile abilities. The splashes of reggae rhythms throughout the album are as refreshing as a Mojito under a summer  sun, creating an infection and cool coastal vibe. It is the dynamic of slower tempo reggae tunes on this EP to more upbeat ones like “Skydriver” and “City of Ancients”, that make this one of this year’s EP’s worth checking out.

You can catch Imagery Machine at the release for their Skydriver EP at Soda Bar on Thursday, July 27th with Skyterra and Kingdom of Lights and also on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Review by: Izzy Soto