Fog rolled in as Texan dream-pop band Cigarettes After Sex seductively took their places on stage.

Cigarettes After Sex - Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

We were enveloped by the ambient sultriness of the billowing fog, immersed in their dreamy music. San Diegans quickly snapped up tickets making it a sold-out show. The band last played San Diego in September.

Cigarettes After Sex is the brainchild of singer-songwriter, musician and producer, Greg Gonzalez. For the past ten years he has been refining the distinctive vocals and experimental sounds that have come to characterize Cigarettes After Sex. The uninitiated listener is mind-blown to learn that the gentle, raspy vocals are those of Gonzalez, and not a female vocalist.

The audience squealed cheers, as the first few notes of each of their favorite songs were played.

Cigarettes After Sex’s EP ‘I’ was released in 2012 and their self-titled 10-track LP was released last year. The provocative cover art by early modernist photographer Man Ray, exhibits a glimpse into the alluring sounds contained within.

Whenever Gonzalez ventured away momentarily from his mic stand, his steps were slow, soft, and metered. Then he would slowly and calculatedly return back. His movements on stage, however subtle, garnered cheers. Their hypnotic shoegaze music had the theater swaying in unison. It was fascinating to watch and experience.

Approving whispers were overheard as they played their 2015 cover of REO Speedwagon’s ‘Keep on Loving You.’

After performing their wildly-loved track, ‘Apocalypse’ they exited the stage briefly before returning for an encore. Though their set was just slightly more than an hour long, every calming note was a morsel to be savored.

While hundreds of lulled fans poured out of the Observatory, a line of a hundred or more remained. Those in line clutched their Cigarettes After Sex Vinyl LP’s close to their hearts – anticipatorily hoping to have them signed.

Their tour now heads to Europe.  Cigarettes After Sex will return to the US in the Fall.

Hear their full-length LP here!