Artist: Beach Fossils
Label: Bayonet Records
Release Date: June 2nd, 2017
Album Name: “Somersault”

With the sweet sound of summer practically knocking on the doorstep, the release of Beach Fossils’ new album couldn’t have come at a better time.

Set for release on June 2nd, “Somersault” will be the group’s third album, and it’s definitely going to turn some heads. Much like Beach Fossils’ previous two albums, “Beach Fossils,” and, “Clash The Truth,” the haunting flow of vocals by front-man Dustin Payseur will leave you breathless. However, this latest album encompasses an overall light and higher sound, versus the lower and slightly darker instrumentals showcased in “Clash The Truth.”

Track number two off the album, “Tangerine (ft. Rachel Goswell),” is a personal favorite of mine. The effortless whisper-like lyrics of the two vocalists compliment each other with a sense of crisp clarity, and the overlapping guitar riffs and strum patterns add in even more layers and depth to the otherwise hypnotizing song.

Another one that caught my attention, “Be Nothing,” opens up the first ten seconds with a simple series of notes, that is, until that one strum hits. Just wait for the twelve second mark and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. It’s one of those moments in a song that you aren’t expecting, like the satisfying feeling of hearing the bass drop, except this only marks the intro. Several times you’ll hear it, and several times it’ll send shivers down your spine.

“Ethereal” is the perfect word to describe this new album, each of the eleven songs bring their own individual emotion. If you’re anything like me, it’ll be impossible not to lose yourself as each minute plays out a new set of intricate melodies. Mark your calendars, because “Somersault” will be an album to remember.

Review by: Kyla Wyllie