Davey Havok of Dreamcar

Dreamcar are having fun together, in something new and different from their past individual experiences.

By now, you know that the band consists of No Doubt minus Gwen Stefani, fronted by Davey Havok of AFI fame. The band came to the Music Box in between Coachella weekends, where they wowed large crowds, but those in attendance were treated to a wonderful, intimate show.

Sharp Shock opened the show, and after the murmurs of realization that a band member was in the TV show LA Ink, the Brits treated the packed house to their good old fashioned rock and roll, and, in what felt like a personal favor, covered The Clash’s “Police on My Back.”

Dreamcar has only released three songs, with the album forthcoming in May, creating an experience where those in attendance got to experience new music together. The band threw in two covers – by Bowie (“Moonage Daydream”) and by INXS (“Don’t Change”) – presenting a take on each that was all their own.

The band’s songs are a blend of what you might expect given the individual players, providing the catch you might expect from a No Doubt song, but held together by Havok’s voice and rhythm, providing a significantly different sound from the projects each are best associated with; “Kill For Candy” utilizes strong internal rhymes that are inevitably stuck in your head, but it’s “All the Dead Girls Love Me” that is perhaps the band’s strongest showing (and will hopefully see more/some air time).

Sadly, the band will be going their own ways, as Havok will re-join AFI for their upcoming summer tour, kicking off in May and rolling through San Diego on August 1 at the Open Air Theater at SDSU.

Review by: David Israel
Photos by: Alexander Dantés