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We arrived at House of Blues Restaurant & Bar ready to enjoy some of our tried and true favorites!

We arrived at House of Blues to smiling hosts and servers, shown to our seats, and then presented the “opening act”: the Pimento Cheese Dip served with crunchy celery, bread and butter pickles, and toasty warm grilled bread. As a cheese and savory bite lovin’ gal, I find Pimento Cheese Dip to be a heavenly combo that can be a full on a meal on its own, not just a spread or dip! In fact, I find it so interesting how Pimento Cheese Dip has become a Southern staple in sandwiches, dips, and snacks that I dedicated a whole night to read about the history of it! For example, did you know Pimento cheese has been referred to as “the caviar of the South”? You’re welcome. 😉 

The Pimento Cheese Dip

We decided to trade in our waters for the Midnight Rider drink. Tall and delicious, it was sweet and had a great apple flavor due to the Apple Pie moonshine, with the perfect splash mixtures of Sailor Jerry spiced rum, sour and cola. My friend and I both agreed other places would have overdone the rum, or fallen short of the fresh apple flavor. Not House of Blues! They take pride in making their drinks fresh and fun, and it shows every time.

My friend Romo feeling spicy after three sips of the Midnight Rider! Aren’t they both cute?

Next up was the Wedge Salad. I love a good wedge because you take nice healthy crisp romaine greens and then smother it with blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, chives, and–on this one specifically–toasted breadcrumbs. It was a satisfying dish I would highly recommend on its own if you are staying out late all night and want something light and tasty.

Time for a wedgie! Salad. That’s weird. It was really good.

By this time the Midnight Rider had hit us right in the funny bone and we were giggling and having a grand old time. Then comes the main course, the Shrimp and Grits. If you follow ListenSD’s Dinner and a Show feature you already know I am in a deep love affair already with this grit cake and its chipotle cream sauce. Those magic two mixed with succulent jumbo shrimp makes me a happy camper.

If I gave birth to twins I would name them Shrimp and Grits.

Finally, we ended our beautiful dinner with the well known and frequently ordered Georgia Ice Cream Sundae! Chocolate and ice cream lovers, this one is for you. If you aren’t a chocolate or ice cream lover, take someone who is and buy them this ice cream and they will be your loyal minion for life.

Chocolate and Ice Cream ooze fun and flavor with the Georgia Sundae

Forget Valentine’s Day! If I had to pick an upcoming day this month to try these delectable treats, it’s a no-brainer… Friday, February 23rd, to catch the one and only Ron Pope! There’s a good reason Ron has sold out shows on three continents and in more than 20 countries and sold over 2 million digital tracks. He’s taken a unique route in the industry by staying independent and releasing his latest album Work through his own Brooklyn Basement Records. Nashville lovers, you may already be aware why Ron has one of my favorite voices in music now, so be prepared to dance and sing along.

For more information on Ron, or to purchase tickets, click here!

By: Meryl Klemow
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