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Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season of good eating, great music, and letting your friend eat the last french fry at the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar.

We started off our dinner at the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar with the Boom Boom Mule. The name sounds like an experience at a massage place on Convoy Street I paid $19.99 for in a dark period of my life, but I digress–the drink itself was amazing. Served in an ice cold copper mug, this drink was quite refreshing with fresh lime juice that brought out the sweet flavors in the Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey. Plan to Uber or Lyft home–you’ll want more than one of these because they are so good.

Boom Boom Mule

Next was the Carolina Mess, which my dinner date described as “everything but the kitchen sink” of appetizers. Great for sharing, the crispy fries were covered in a melty mountain of soft and juicy pulled pork, pickled jalapenos, a giant amount of cheese and–as if my waistline wasn’t Old Navy Size 12 enough–GRAVY. Pro tip on this one: Take some home in a doggy bag! I took a nice amount of it home, and it was even better reheated the next morning for breakfast. I’m like Elvis in the way where I believe nothing says “SEIZE THE DAY” quite like a fresh cup of coffee with gravy dripping down your chin.

Perfect for first dates! (If you want to impress your date with how much gravy you can eat.)

Our entree was the Vegetable Muffaletta. Traditionally made with meat, their veggie-friendly take on it was super tasty and unique. The combination of New Orlean’s very own Leidenheimer’s fresh and toasty sesame roll stacked with melted cheese, olive relish, and freshly marinated peppers and cauliflower was an unexpected blend of savory and sweet.

Going to eat a-muffalata this sandwich.

Finally, the grand finale of the Georgia Sundae. Whatever the secret is in the House of Blues chocolate, I’m hooked. Gobs of chocolate pour down the ice cream, and a nice sprinkling of toasted pecans helps to add some crunch and texture.

Sundae Vibes

If you are looking to burn off at least 1/40th of the calories from this dinner, our show pick for December will have you and your friends turning your jeans backyards and jumping around in a fit of nostalgia! OH SNAP! It’s A 90’s Hip Hop Party! on December 23rd is pretty much the most fun thing we could think of–it combines holiday festivities with the chance to scream along to your favorite Beastie Boys and Wu-Tang songs.

And speaking of SNAP, if you think rhythm is a dancer, you haven’t seen me yet in my TJ Maxx fleece blue and white Llamakah sweater this holiday season. Picture a buxom Jewish girl that loves to move and means well but just ate a giant plate of fries with gravy on top. Now go to your room and listen to some Cypress Hill!

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For the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar, click here. 

Written and eaten by: Meryl Klemow