Our Dinner and a Show feature today is all about rock (Death from Above) and rolling out a new menu at the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar!

Our kind of feast! The Pimento Cheese Dip and Midnight Rider.

First up: The Midnight Rider cocktail. This one is served in what can only be described as a “bachelorette party sized” glass. It offered up a blended heavenly concoction of Ole Smoky Apple Pie moonshine, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, with a punch of sour, and cola.

Appetizer time! When you dip, I dip, we dip–pimento cheese style of course! The beautiful Pimento Cheese Dip appetizer was a perfect way to satisfy my cheese tooth without feeling too guilty. It was a creamy and the right balance of cheesiness without overpowering the palate. We also enjoyed the dipping instruments of crunchy celery, bread, and butter pickles. It was perfect dish to share among friends except my gal pal date enjoyed the grilled bread so much that she ate both servings. We both agreed this is a great choice if you are just running in to catch a show in the concert hall and only have time for one or two appetizers.

While it was still on the plate. Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich wth fries and BBQ dipping sauces.

Next up was the (better if read to yourself in a Homer Simpson voice) mmmm, Smokehouse Pulled Pork Sandwich. This dish reminded me of the Juicy Lucy Burger in that the brioche bun was soft and perfectly toasted. You could taste the contrast of how a fresh bun soaks up the juices so much better than frozen preserved fast food options. We were dipping like crazy in the Carolina BBQ sauce and couldn’t get enough of the crispy large french fries. For two young ladies that tout themselves as “not huge meat eaters,” our server laughed out loud at how quickly we cleared the plate.

Skilleting the Game! Skilled Cookie full of ooey gooey goodness.

We ended the night with dessert–The Skillet Cookie. If you choose to indulge in this rich and calorific treat, be warned: fitting into your tight red cocktail dress for your company holiday party miiight be a challenge! Don’t even try searching for other skillet cookies out there–this one is hands down the best. This is a warm and soft ooey gooey cookie with homemade sweet creamy chocolate sauce and fresh homemade ice cream. This dessert is PERFECT to share with a friend as you catch up and gossip about life. My friend and I were so into our cookie and conversation that an hour flew by without either one looking at our phones, and you know what a big deal that must be.

You can check out the other drool-worthy items on the new menu here.

While you are checking out the new menu entrees and cocktails, be sure to check out the amazing lineup including a show we can’t wait for: Death From Above on Monday, November 13th. This rock duo will have you dancing, air guitaring and wearing cool black denim jackets. Click to purchase tickets here. Enjoy!

By: Meryl Klemow

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