By: Francesca Tirpak

Arriving at the storage warehouse was like walking through the gates of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but the first wonders that met my eyes weren’t candies, they were impressive wall-sized murals. Visitor-commissioned, makeshift canvases stretched across the back wall, above the stage, and even in the bathrooms. These appealing pieces seemed to dance along beneath the lights and above the idling people below. The warehouse’s address was only announced less than twenty four hours before the start of the concert and I didn’t have time to research where it was being held. The setting left me in awe; such contrast from the gray facades outside was enough to give anyone culture shock upon entering.

The show was comprised of all San Diego native surf punk bands Beach Goons, Sandy Cheeks, Buddha Trixie, Groms, and Shady Francos, then finished up with the Los Angeles native band Death Lens. Each of their unique but similar styles complemented each other, with music that invoked the vintage fifties surf rock scene with a modern punk rock twist. With the small stage, intimate setting, limited lighting, and comfortably inviting smoking room, the venue was perfect for these talented artists on the cool night a few days after Christmas.