San Diego Freak Out

The internet was a’buzz with lineups today, but ListenSD’s most stoked for the local freak fest happening next Friday.

San Diego Freak Out, featuring some of San Diego’s best pysch bands, along with a few friends from Los Angeles and other places, will be a riotous good time. Plus, the Wild Wild Wets will be releasing their brand spanking new EP! Be there or be square.

January 16th, 2015
Casbah San Diego
Tickets can be found here


MAIN Stage
WILD WILD WETS – [Record Release Party] //  Kim & The Created // MaxPain AndThe Groovies // The Swift Beats

Slow White // Moonshine // Sixties Guns

Presented by Pizza Party Music// RUBBER BROTHER RECORDS// Grizzly Records// lolipop records// Bujwah Strangers// Casbah San Diego// YEAH YEAH BLAH BLAH/

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