Sylvia Garcia Borgo: I just named the Augustines show at the Soda Bar in February as my fave show of the year. So, with that in mind, I’ll nominate my fave song, “Walkabout,” off of their 2014 self-titled album. Billy McCarthy’s falsetto is anything but thin or weak. His highly personal vocals coupled with the rising wave of emotion that the band creates slowly but surely weaves it’s way into your cells, the very fibers of the self. Simply put, I want this song played at my funeral.

Rachel Frank: Blood Orange- “It Is What It Is”! Not only is Blood Orange a lyrical genius, but he has some killer dance moves (hopefully you got to the chance to see him at FYF Fest this year!? Although this may be a love song, I feel like I was able to relate to it in so many different aspects of my life. Similar meaning to the gold old Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” but now “Even if it’s something you’ve had you’re eye on, it is what it is.”

Dennis Moon: “Passing Out Pieces” by Mac DeMarco. 2014 was perhaps the least structured year of my life I can remember (I watched every episode of Mad Men twice if that gives you any idea). The advice-laden nuggets of warbly guitar gold from Salad Days were my informal guide to remaining sane amidst a lot of change and even more free time.

David Israel: The best of 2014 was a tie, because it’s easier to share the merits of both The New Pornographer’s Brill Bruisers album, and Future Island’s song “Seasons (Waiting on You)”. While I was too late to the game to catch Future Islands at the Irenic this year, here’s hoping for a San Diego return to which will include my song of the year, with its vocals that absolutely just take you in, as the song sticks in your head for the rest of the day after the first listen. And TNP’s Brill Bruisers is great from start to finish, highlighted by War on the East Coast and Dance Floor Domine- well worth your listen as 2014 winds down. Early 2015 prediction: Silversun Pickups will drop one of the year’s best.

Summer Luu: Well, according to my Spotify, my most played tune of 2014 was a tie between Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough” and Broken Bells’ “Medicine”. But, I’ve got to hand it to Broken Bells…they soothed my soul and had me dancing at the same time to “Medicine”. After their first self-titled album, I wasn’t sure if they could pull it off again with an astonishing record but alas, they knocked it out of the damn ballpark. Praise Danger Mouse for producing another solid record, everything he touches is pure GOLD!

Amanda Martinek: My favorite song, album, and overall life choice is Ty Segall’s “Manipulator”. Ever since his explosive FYF set in August, I’ve been obsessively hooked. PLUS, HAVE YOU PLAYED WITH HIS INTERACTIVE MUSIC VIDEO? It’s incredible! Spin Magazine said this would have been Album Of The Year, if the year was 1974. Well it’s 2014, bitch, and to me, it’s #1.