Alt-J delivered a transcending set at Pechanga Arena.

With the crack-sizzle of a soda can – giving you that autonomous sensory meridian response, enter Bane, the introductory song off Alt-J’s newest album “Dream”. The set begins like shaking a pack of pop-rocks on your tongue – it’s jagged and conspicuous. Then as the fizzle settles you truly start to indulge on the sweetness. We’ve arrived at The Dream Tour 2022.

The band transported us across their multiple eras including “This is All Yours”, “RELAXER”, and “An Awesome Wave”. Notably Interlude I into Tesselate, accompanied by graceful deep sea displays.

Alt-J was able to transcend their new record’s sounds by marrying it with hypnotizing visuals. The stage production was worthy of being an installation at ARTECHOUSE. Alt-J successfully enchanted you along into their dream world, drifting you further away from reality. 

You can catch Alt-J with Portugal the Man and Cherry Glazerr as they head up to the Pacific Northwest before touring the rest of the country so don’t miss out!

Photos and Review by: Raelena Kniff