Hippo Campus played a sold out show at The Observatory North Park.

First off – Ginger Root deserves a very justified shout out. I have rarely seen a crowd so engaged and ecstatic for an opener. Admittedly, I was not familiar with the artist prior to attending, and was pleasantly surprised by how the audience knew almost every word. Highly recommend adding Ginger Root to your beach and/or positive vibes playlist.
Hippo Campus’ sold-out set was composed of songs from their latest album “LP3”. “LP3” reflects a collection of harvests from the band’s recent individual projects, while still being rooted in their original ethos.
I liken Hippo Campus’ show to attending a carnival. There were opportunities to traverse in their unconventional sounds, Blew It, emulating a passage through a fun-house. As well as indulging moments of cotton candy familiarity with ‘Way it Goes’ and ‘Boys’. Collectively the set was welcoming, spirited, and enticed you into their world of exploration.
To truly appreciate “LP3”, it’s worth checking out the group’s individual development projects: Baby Boys, Lupin, Brotherkenzie, DNM.
Catch the band on the remainder of the tour:


Photos and Review by: Raelena Kniff