Artist: Wizard Woes
Title: “Gieco”
Release Date: June 9th 2019




Wizard Woes, a local San Diego band of two, takes on an electronic alternative approach to their latest single, “Gieco,” giving fans a sneak peak of what to expect in their music following the release.

Known for making music in every genre except rap and country, the artists followed the release of “Gieco” by dropping a music video which displays the two on a psychedelic adventure traveling through a series of worldly dimensions. After the artists dug into their emotions to write the song, they decided they really wanted to capture the chaotic energy by taking a more experimental and goofy approach to the video.

With a use of green screens and visual effects, the two find a magic remote that allows them take their minds off their love life to travel to a world amongst dinosaurs. Even in a world of dinosaurs and distractions, Wizard Woes makes the point that love will always be on their mind, singing with a sonic transic sound: “He doesn’t treat you well all the time/I would treat you well most of the time/Most of the time I think of you all the time/it’s hard not to find you not on my mind.”

“Gieco” comes from their twelve-track EP, Nova Express, released on June 12th.

Review by: Lulu Barbato