Twin Peaks

On 4/20, Hinds and Twin Peaks closed a hazy day with two electrifying and energetic sets, complete with crowd surfing, mosh pitting, and audience members spilling onstage that kept everyone in the venue moving and smiling from start to finish.

As I walked into the Irenic, I couldn’t help but feel the energy from the crowd. From the fourteen year olds eagerly rushing to the front, to the older audience members watching from afar with red eyes, the buzz was tangible.

They kicked off the night with a song they recorded as Deers, before Hinds was solidified.  The slowly building, rumbling song Warning with the Curling eased the audience into the set.  They went onto play favorites from their album, Leave Me Alone, as well as their newly released single, Holograma, and even introduced a new, unnamed song in the works. The mosh pit at the forefront of the crowd propelled people up and down in an ecstatic frenzy.  On their second to last song, they lulled the audience with Solar Gap, before ending with the bombastic Davey Crockett, during which it’s customary for audience members to jump on stage and sing, dance, and yell along with the band.  The show was a testament to their ability to perform for, and with their fans.

During the intermission before Twin Peaks, the smell of blunts lighting slowly permeated the air, as the crowd filed outdoors to cool off before the next set.

During the first few chords of Making Breakfast, the mosh pit went wild, with the crowd singing along to the chorus like an anthem.  Joints were lit, people were crowd surfing, and the crowd went wild as guitarist Clay Frankel spit a mouthful of beer into the audience.  Hinds joined them later in the set for Sweet Thing, and the band closed the night with an encore.    

Review by: Soni Bhalla

Photos by: Lilay Cai

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