The Pesos

The Pesos caused a ruckus at UNIV Studio on Saturday, July 15th.

When I agreed to cover this show I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I showed up to this Encinitas all ages venue around 7:00 P.M. and all the kids are already out and ready for a night of music.

Rubenstein Drive-By kicked off the show. They were the fastest band of the night and didn’t disappoint. I instantly became a fan of their songs which were mostly about skating and getting high.

Next up was Lil Ted Band. It was their tape release show. Their chill songs covered relateable topics such as heartbreak and dumb relationships. I shed a couple tears thinking about my own exes. They also caused a two second mosh pit with an elderly couple right in the middle–a recipe for disaster. (Don’t worry, no elderly people were harmed in the making of this concert.)

Last but not least, The Pesos! The lead singer jumped all over the place, crawled in between legs, did back flips, and popped balloons all while singing beautiful angelic songs. The audience loved it–they danced and had a good ol’ time. Until next time, Pesos.

Review & Photos by: Nicholas Regalado