The Frights

Want to know what the underground, indie kids are listening to? Well let’s see what The Frights and Postmark Records have for an answer. Your narrator has not been to SOMA since MIA played there a couple years back, but this is arguably the biggest all ages show of the year.  So let’s skip the 500+ person line at the front and go through the back door!

The Thens kicked off the show at 3pm, playing to a packed room.  No seriously, everyone was shoulder to shoulder and super eager to be away from the grips of their parents.  Newly signed to Postmark Records, The Thens ripped through their raw, yet dreamy tunes with Max’s vocals soaring brilliantly over the impressionable crowd.

First to kick off the main stage were 3 shirtless rock ‘n roll bros known as Grove, who were previously featured by ListenSD for the Save Our Scene Fest. The kids were literally going ape-shit over these guys (ponchos on!).  Their sound was a concoction of classic rock, Black Keys with a swagger of Kid Rock.  I mean that in a good way ;)! They invited like 20 fans on stage and the show ended with a fuckin bang.  Rock ‘n Roll is alive bby!

At this point, your narrator needed a breath of air and a Slivotvitz (plum brandy), but unfortunately they weren’t serving adult beverages until 6:30pm-ish.  So I found the closest drink to my brandy and split a Red Bull with Max from The Thens.  Let’s dive back in to the festival shall we?
The Regrettes kept the energy going strong on the side stage with their sassy punk flare.  These girls are still in their teens and are all the buzz after mentions by NPR, Noisey, Vogue…Their frontwoman Lydia is raw, fierce and an inspiration to the angsty girls AND BOYS in the crowd. GIRL POWER!!

Full disclosure: the band I was most looking forward to checking out was The Garden. They definitely make you re-think your understanding of what is original and what is punk. These twin brothers challenge your notion of music, all the while putting on a very entertaining show!  Perhaps their art is inferred by Death Grips meets David Bowie meets Beastie Boys. Fucking interesting!

Annnnd the final act of the evening was your hosts The Frights introduced by FIDLAR‘s Zac Carper!  Last time I saw these guys they were in a van outside The Merrow waiting to play to 10 people on a Tuesday only a few years back. Now, they took the stage to well over 3,000 adoring, love-struck fans.  They always were great musicians and wrote catchy tunes, but now they are truly the hometown rock stars of the all ages scene. Their stage was surrounded by enlarged cardboard cutouts of a random cast of pop culture icons including Fabio and ….yes our current President DT.  Much to the chagrin of the crowd, lead-singer Mikey ran onstage, punched cardboard Donald in the balls and through him into the crowd of salivating piranhas.

The Frights carry on the legacy of bands like Green Day back in the 90s and create Warped Tour-size mosh pits and a constant flow of girl and boy crowd surfers.  It’s like a neon-pink, tat’d up wave pool that is at max capacity! Amazing sound and energy has taken these guys to the top and it’s fuckin rad to see the spirit alive and well. “I hate my mom and dad“! Rock on Kids!

Photos by: Alexander Dantés
Review by: Craig Schreiber