It felt like being back in the 1980’s when iconic punk band The Adicts came and wrecked The Observatory North Park. 

The Adicts

The Adicts

The Adicts were in sunny San Diego, leather jackets, metal studs, liberty spikes, and Doc Martens, all the things you saw when approaching The Observatory. It was a true punk night, and every soul in the room was eagerly waiting to unleash the wrath. Leftöver Crack was more than willing to provide that setting. As soon as they took the stage a massive circle pit ensued, and the whole venue was at full speed.  They were the perfect choice to ignite this iconic night.

Next it was time for the legends The Adicts, who got things going right off the bat by opening up with “Let’s Go,” sending the crowd into complete hysteria. They kept that madness at an all time high with fan favorite “Joker in The Pack,” while frontman Keith “Monkey” Warren threw  out joker playing cards into the crowd. Then quickly following with some personal favorites “Tango,” “Easy Way Out,” and “Numbers.” All while “Monkey” was doing his normal stage antics such as, throwing confetti, messing with security guards, and supplying a raw energy that all punks have fallen in love with.

The night began to come to a close, that didn’t stop The Adicts from slowing down, ending with bangers like “Who Spilt My Beer,” “Chinese Takeaway,” and of Course “Viva La Revolution,” a song we all need to be playing on full blast. There’s definitely something unique about seeing a band as legendary as The Adicts, you get a feeling of how very much alive punk is. If they are ever in southern California again, I wouldn’t suggest missing it.

Review and Photos by: Nicholas Regalado