The Beat Stop just released their latest episode talking about some amazing San Diego festivals – from the hidden gems to the household names to the serious up-and-comers in the San Diego festival scene, check out their list in the video!

From the sunny shores to the craft beer to the perfect, there’s an endless list of reasons to love San Diego. One of our favorites? The music festivals. And while America’s Finest City doesn’t boast a large slate of events produced by major names like Insomniac and Goldenvoice, there are still a number of festivals that San Diego is proud to call it’s own.

In this episode of The Beat StopAce Antonio and guest host Rachel Frank of ListenSD talk about 5 amazing San Diego festivals. From multi-stage events featuring the likes of Imagine Dragons and Post Malone to craft-beer festivals encapsulating the essence of this fine city, this list talks about the hidden gems, the household names and the serious up-and-comers in the San Diego festival scene.

Which San Diego festivals do YOU think should have been on this list?

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Produced by: Ace Antonio & Andrew Ackerson
Hosted by: Ace Antonio & Rachel Frank