The Adicts

The Adicts

The Adicts brought their horror show to House of Blues a day before Halloween, and we’re all still feeling the chills from that night.

The Adicts embarked on a three-stop SoCal Halloween tour, and one of those stops was here in good ol’ San Diego. This had to be every punks dream, watching the Adicts a day before Halloween, and everyone took advantage by coming in proper attire.

Punk veterans Lower Class Brats wasted no time in kickin out the jams, and with that first bass note, the circle pit ignited. These guys had an energy that felt like a punch to the gut, kind of made you want to be angry and fuck some shit up… in a good way. They also started the most legit all-girl mosh pit, and threatened to punch any guy they saw thinking about trying to get into that pit. Had to tip the bowler hat to them for that one.

Up next were the Adicts, the reason why you could see all the bowler hats, leather jackets, and LET’S GO LET’S GO! Just like that, the circle pit had almost immediately doubled in size, matching the speed of the Adicts, and their intensity. Monkey came out with that same big shiny cape, but this time it was decorated with special Halloween themed pumpkins.

Joker cards were flying, and smiles were as big as ever, the effect the Adicts have on you when you’re seeing such legends do what they do best. Towards the end of their set they invited all the ladies on stage for one last hoorah. It was almost too perfect for the Adicts to play a day before Halloween. I only hope you don’t fuck up and miss them next year!

Photos and review by: Nicholas Regalado