After nostalgia, ULTRA and Channel ORANGE came out, I’ve been hooked on Frank Ocean’s melodies and beats. He surpasses cultural stigma as being a bisexual African-American male and that’s completely inspiring to any kind of creative who faces the same challenges. My favorite tracks from him are “Novacane”, “Thinkin’ About You”, “Pyramids” and “Lost”. Not only can he make you dance but his lyrics can make you think. – Summer Luu

My can’t miss act at FYF this year has to be none other than the original sentimental singer of rebellion himself, Morrissey. He’ll undoubtedly be airing grievances, playing his hits, and reminding us all how to, “kill while standing still” (lyric quote from song “It’s hard to walk tall when you’re small”) – Corey McComb

Whoa! What a line-up! The one artist that I’d really, really like to see is Morrissey. Yes, the Godfather of Gloom himself – he is a legend and I’ve never seen him perform live. I’ll catch Savages and Unknown Mortal Orchestra at The Casbah but I’d love to see Morrissey on a big stage.  – Sylvia Borgo Garcia

Channeling the aged fuzz-pop of Broadcast, Melody Prochet’s dazed music as Melody’s Echo Chamber is perfect to experience while being sun-baked. Last year’s attendees who stood through Slowdive’s mesmerizing guitar strokes would also probably get starry-eyed to her songs like “I Follow You”. – Ryo Miyauchi

They’re actually real lizard wizards. – David Evanko

I am BEYOND stoked to check out King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. I saw these Australian maniacs in Melbourne, 2011 and have been frothing at the chance to witness their magical, psychedelic garage tunes live again. Props to FYF for bringing these Aussies across the pond! – Amanda Martinek


Too often, The Drums get underestimated, casually lumped in with a crop of gutless indie bands, recognized only for the breezy, ultra poppy sound of their first two releases. In case you haven’t noticed, since 2011 the band have gone through a lineup change and released their darkest, most varied and (in my opinion) best album, Encyclopedia. Gems like “Let Me” and “I Can’t Pretend” will bring newfound conviction to their FYF set. Stop sleeping, people. – Dennis Moon

When I first heard “Causers of This” in 2010 I fell in love. Driving with the windows down playing my mixtape with Toro y Moi‘s “Low Shoulder” and Neon Indian’s “Deadbeat Summer” was my perfect soundtrack to breaking into swanky hotel swimming pools and relaxing. Can’t wait to see what dance moves he breaks out for this year’s FYF. – Rachel Frank

Can’t help but love this adorable gap tooth Canadian musical genius. Pepperoni Playboy confirmed my love for this man with his wild antics, pooping in showers in Asia, but always keeping it real. Salad Days is a classic for this generation and I’m happy to see him playing shows all over the world like Primavera Sound. Can’t wait to see what Mac Daddy has in store for us this year at FYF. – Rachel Frank

As always, who wouldn’t want to rub the legendary ginger beard all over their face?  The solid beats, the soulful lyrics, everything about Chet Faker is amazing. I’m excited to see if Chet will bring out any renditions of his own and I’m dying to hear any new stuff he has coming for 2015/2016. These are my must-listen tracks: “Gold”, “To Me”, “I’m Into You”, and “Melt”. – Summer Luu

Unapologetic and darkly humorous lyrics about things that are hard to talk about- social anxiety, death, disease… Folk-punk that knows exactly how you feel. – Ned Molder

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