By: April Almaraz

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Last night, I saw Joey Bada$$ at The Observatory North Park. For all of you who didn’t, well I’ll try not to gloat about the life changing experience too much. Joey Bada$$ is a rising hip-hop star who brings back that real 90s feel that’s been missing in this generation. He does it in such a way that you just have to feel it and see it to believe it. He doesn’t stand alone. His crew consists of “47 friends”, who we call Pro Era. The tour is for his self titled album “B4.DA.$$.”

Denzel Curry popped shit off and had the crowd going wild. They couldn’t have had anyone better for this show as the opener. “Ultimate” was the song of the night for him. The scene was perfect, the lights flashing with the crowd as they jumped up and down to each beat. “32 Zel/ Planet Shrooms” is Denzel’s latest album. If you haven’t peeped it I highly recommend it.

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Mick Jenkins took the stage next and had a message to deliver. Drink.More.Water. Open your mind and ears to the words of Mick and your world will be changed.
The closer I got to the stage the more I felt that southern charm, and it was also the soak zone. Literally. Every time the crowd was at the peak of their hype Jenkins would throw water at them and they would go twice as crazy, in a good way, in a really fucking good way. Everyone should be vibing with this guy, keep an eye on him he’s going places.

Power P opens up with a little DJ-ing and everyone is chanting Joey’s name, and finally the man of the hour took the stage. He comes out and the crowd goes wild. He began with all his older songs from his first album “1999” and let the crowd hear and rap along to the Joey that started it all. The crowd was alive. You could feel the love and respect in the whole venue. From all the classics to his current shit Joey was going off! Have you ever said before a show “man i hope they play my song”, well I’m almost 100 percent sure that everyones hopes and wishes came true that night. Nick Caution made a guest appearance and helped out with the hit song “Survival Tactics” originally performed by King Capital Steez, who passed away in 2012. I’ve now seen Jozifbadmon for the 4th time and i am never ever disappointed with the show he puts on. He set the bar pretty high with this one, but I’m sure it’s nothing he can’t top. Everyone should be on their game with this guy. Thank you Joey for all the real music you’re putting back into hip-hop.

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