Artist: New Me
Title: “Something Green” b/w “Any God”
Release Date: August 31st, 2018
Label: Bleeding Gold Records

New Me blows the San Diego music scene off its hinges with the debut single “Something Green.”

“Something Green” is an oddity of the burgeoning dream pop scene in San Diego. It’s not hard to pick out the influences, most notably Ariel Pink, but New Me is Ariel if Ariel knew how to dance and had a better voice. “Something Green” stands out by hearkening back to sounds everyone seems hell bent on copying, without actually trying to copy them; frenetic rhythms, frantic vocal mannerisms, and intimate, surrealistic lyrics, all coalesce together on the track. It’s like running in the summer time, holding hands while sprinting across the street, a great leap into unknowingness and hoping for what might be. And then you wake up and that’s how “Something Green” feels. Just as its unrelenting pace starts to feel normal, it slows way down to B-Side “Any God.”

Unlike “Something Green,” “Any God” is a slow pulse, a gentle arterial throb beckoning for lonely conversations under neon lights on a moonlit downtown boulevard. Then it hits you with beautifully distorted vocal harmonies that feel like tender ripples of rainwater puddles. A small splash of syncopated bass and drums hit, while the guitar gyrates dreamily, a sophisticated instrumentation that never feels stationary and yet is simultaneously hypnotizing.

If New Me’s debut singles are anything to go by, we can expect heavenly melodies and songs saturated in sonic color, songs that somehow manage to illustrate an immense talent for dynamic compositions and compelling lyricism.

New Me’s music can be found at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

You can pre-order the album HERE

Review by: Brian Strauss