Paramore delivered powerful, despondent songs of heartbreak at the Mattress Firm Amphitheater on Thursday, July 19 .

Right from the beginning, frontwoman Hayley Williams literally kick-started the night with “Grudges,” following a set that included songs from their early records. Paramore rocked most of their repertoire, including “Still Into You” and even going far back as to play “That’s What You Get” from their sophomore album “Riot;” the audience sang the first verse eagerly as Hayley gestured the mic to the crowd. Soon after, Hayley greeted San Diego with an earnest soliliqy of gratitude, asking what the crowd had “… been up to all these years… and … it’s so good to see your faces… ”

Paramore guided the audience through their teenage angst and heartbreak, conjuring bittersweet nostalgia. The crowd was devoted to the candor of Paramore’s lyrics and catchy melodies with every appreciative explosion of recollection to nearly every song.

After a quick intermission the stage was reset and the set was stripped down, sitting on colorblocks and playing a cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit,” “Misguided Ghosts,” and “26.” Williams graciously shared the stage with her bandmate Zac for the encore by having him take the stage and performing one of his own songs with a drum-off between Paramore’s percussionist Joey Malone and Hayley.

Overall, Paramore delivered an environment of carefree playfulness interspersed with assertive rage, providing a throwback cathartic rush for all in attendance.

Review by: Rachêl Barocio