Lovers flocked to the Observatory North Park to witness Rhye’s silky  melodies on Thursday, July 19th, 2018.

It’s official: San Diego loves Rhye. It’s easy to see why; their music evokes beautiful, transcendent moments of love’s bliss and heartbreak. That may be a grand statement, but when you hear the music, it’s easy to find yourself lost in their musical world.

Rhye originally began as a two piece in a bedroom, and now boasts a dynamic seven piece band. They feature strings, keyboards, lead guitars, and a strong rhythm section which allows the group to now flesh out previously sparse songs from 2013’s Woman into the more organic sound of this year’s album, Blood.

The crowd was immediately placed into a trance with the extended intro to “Three Days.”  As the song began to become distinguishable, Milosh’s stunning falsetto filled the venue, “We got three days to feel each other; we got three days to sing this song.” The smooth hooks, the intimate lyrics, and swooning tone make Rhye’s music so intimately felt.

Although the whole setlist was spectacular, the highlight of the concert came when the band closed on “Song For You,” a tranquil and thoughtful song on dedication. Rhye faded the instruments and continued the closing stanza, “I feel your heart baby, I feel your pain,” which allowed the crowd and band to sing in unison about the beauty and struggle that relationships bring. Even on a Thursday night, Rhye effortlessly had everyone feeling lovely from the first song till the end of the night.

Photos by: Ciara Rzeslawski
Review by: Max Sanchez