Easily selling out Soda Bar, Phoebe Bridgers filled a packed a room with both bodies and a sound of melancholy warmth.

Phoebe Bridgers tore up hearts, and reminded her audience at Soda Bar how deeply affected relationships tend to leave humans and the way they see themselves, performing a collection of songs from her recently released full-length album Strangers in The Alps.

Phoebe had a full band for most of her set, bringing a sound of folklore and some sounds of beautiful and light falsetto. She included a couple of songs with feelers of what she considered to be hardcore folk. The most intriguing song was “Killer” which she referenced being about “murder.” Halfway through, Bridgers dismissed her band, creating a more intimate setting with only her guitar. Phoebe brought back tunes from the start of her musical career.

At one point Phoebe shared how deeply affected she was by the announcement of Tom Petty’s death and played a cover of “It’ll All Work Out.”

For being her first headlining tour and second show with a full band, Bridgers played exceptionally well and had an alluring set displaying an evocative and unanimous sound that blended every instrument together.

Review By: Rachêl Barocio
Photos By: Christine Heyne