Atlanta punk band The Coathangers are primed to headline Burger-A-Go-Go, an unprecedented 8-band West Coast tour of female-fronted psychedelic rock and punk acts from all over the country, coming to San Diego at the Belly Up on Tuesday, February 27.

This trio has made waves in the world of punk rock for over 12 years now, so we asked them about longevity, their memories of touring the West Coast, and necessities for surviving in the music industry. Check it out and be sure to witness their earth-shattering live show!!

In as few words as possible, describe your goal as musicians.
What hopes and expectations do you have for headlining Burger-A-Go-Go?
We expect to have a great time hanging and playing with friends!
What strong memories do you have associated with touring on the West Coast?
Casa de Frutas. Sunshine. Weed.
When did you start to believe fully that music could be a viable path for you? What were some sacrifices you’ve had along the way to being more established that might have easily been overlooked?
We never really thought about it.. we just did it.  We didn’t consider whether or not the path we were taking was viable.  This kind of life does come with a lot of sacrifices (time, relationships) but in many ways it is extremely rewarding.

Photo by: Chad Kamenshine

What should someone hope to get from listening to a Coathangers song or album? Is there a specific audience you have in mind when you’re writing?
Hopefully, people relate to the music and feel it’s sincerity.  We make music for everyone!
What is your band’s working dynamic like while you are recording, and how does that translate to your onstage presentation?
Recording and playing live are two completely different processes for us.  Recording=thinking
Playing= living
Is punk suffering from the effects of streaming services and playlist culture? What is the effect digital technology has had on punk music?
In a way, streaming services are punk as fuck. They level the playing field and allow small and large musicians to coexist in the same accessible platform.  The only thing that sucks is the not getting paid thing.  That’s when the big business comes in and zaps the punk ethos right out of the room.  Life is complex.  Punk will continue to grow and use technology to its advantage.  
What is absolutely crucial to making your relationships work on the road?
Texting.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

What can you reflect on now that you’ve been a band for twelve years?
All I do is reflect on the past 12 years. Music has consumed our entire lives. The journey has been achingly magnificent.
And finally, what music do you like to play after a really intense show or a full day of traveling?
Silence is golden and rare. Sometimes the best thing you can hear.

Burger-A-Go-Go hits San Diego for a majestic two-night run on February 27 and 28. Night 1 (The Coathangers, Death Valley Girls, Feels) takes place at the Belly Up, while night 2 (Dengue Fever, Winter, Summer Twins, Patsy’s Rats) comes to The Music Box the following evening. Grab your tickets here!

Interview by: Dennis Moon