Of Ennui


Of Ennui had the walls of Soda Bar trembling with their doom infused shoegaze.

Of Ennui headlined a diverse lineup comprised of San Diego bands on Wednesday, August 9th. Shoegaze influences were heard in every group but showcased in very different ways.

Heirgloom opened the night with an intriguing mixture of slow moving programmed synths and a dancey rhythm section. Though the band was enthusiastic and energetic, the audience seemed to be waiting for their drinks to kick in as they stood scattered throughout the venue chattering away.

The South Bay locals Battery Point‘s blend of jangly guitars and seemingly effortless breakdowns were mesmerizing. Patrons filled out Soda Bar’s empty corners as Battery Point left the stage and Half Eaten took over.

Half Eaten, perhaps the most out of place band of the night, brought some very fun psychedelic riffs. You could imagine their songs fitting in a 60’s TV commercial with people lying on a breezy beach sipping Coca Cola. Fun lyrics like “She’ll make your teeth red like Swedish Fish” added to their happy sound. In all seriousness, Half Eaten flaunted some impressive technical chops that satisfied the crowd.

Of Ennui

Of Ennui

Doom-gaze heavyweights Of Ennui closed out the night. Of Ennui teased the audience with luscious soundscapes of repeating rhythms only to break through with dissonant harmonies. At times singer Brian Strauss simply spoke his lyrics–a calm, but equally harrowing break from his very recognizable spiraling vocals. The band was at a singularity as they played one of their most recent releases “Doom in Bloom” with a lead guitar soaring through heavy drums and a constant droning rhythm. The music was heavy and seemed to leave a lasting impression on the Soda Bar crowd.

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Review by: Benjamin Guevarra
Photos by: Christine Heyne