Mitski played at The Irenic in North Park on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by Springtime Carnivore and Steady Holiday.

Steady Holiday opened the show with her one woman act. She seemed to be able to do everything, picking up a violin, guitar, and singing, all while playing along to her drum machine. The music was whimsical and calming, almost sedative in nature. Her crooning voice is best described as haunting.

Springtime Carnivore played next, and the first thing I noticed was that they all somehow had perfect hair. Every single member’s hair was exquisite. They looked like they hadn’t ever been on tour, it looked like everyone showed up for school picture day. Seriously. Their hair was that nice. The music matched their looks, every chord, every beat, seeming thought out and precise. This is indie rock at it’s most polished state. They played songs from their entire discography, and it blended so well you couldn’t tell what songs were off what albums, they had a well thought out set list. Each song took me to a field of flowers on a sunny day, nothing to worry about, nothing to do. This is great music to listen to while getting ready in the morning.

Mitski is an artist that I love to love. She arrived on stage with an aura about her that said, “I’m cool and I’m here”. She grabbed every single attendee’s attention through her set. The show was sold out, something I haven’t really experienced at The Irenic before. Mitski opted to play her most popular song, “Your Best American Girl” in the middle of her set. This led to the crowd wondering which of her songs she would continue to play after. Each song played seemed hand selected to evoke a specific emotion. The crowd was one with the art, the venue, the artist. Mitski is the genuine, honest artist we all can appreciate.

Review By: Kathleen Kelly
Photos By: Charlie Spadone