Mac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath

Last Friday at the Music Box was one for the books. Local band Shady Francos shredded the stage setting the vibes for a night of head banging, scary clowns, giant burgers and all the MAC SABBATH a kid could ever dream of.

Photos By: Minivan Photography (David Evanko)

THE KABBS will be your new favorite band. Go listen and do a hair flip. You won’t regret it.

Kids in Heat have been kicking ass for awhile now. Recently signed to Lolipop Records, these boys can shred. Catch one of their shows and have a sweaty good time.

If you always wanted to get fake ketchup and mustard squirted on you by guys dressed up in McDonald’s themed costumes singing Black Sabbath songs with a slight deviation to the lyrics (“Frying Pan” –“Iron Man“) than you really missed out. People lost their shit, burgers were fried and only one kid cried when he saw that scary looking clown. Next time you get the chance on seeing MAC SABBATH live, do it, you’ll go home LOVIN’ IT.