By: Ty Valesquez

I feel like a proud mama when one of our own San Diego bands have “made” it. With my heart pounding and hurried words bursting out of my mouth like the running of the bulls, “Have you ever seen Little Hurricane? Fuckin’ fantastic!!!”

Last Saturday night at House of Blues, Cece fully embodied her bands’ name. She’s tiny and adorable in that “girl next door” way. Her spirit is far too large to be contained and it explodes out of her when she beats mercilessly on the drums. The powerhouse seems prim and proper, always sharply dressed in designer cowboy boots and a dress fit for the belle of the Confederacy. As she plays, her hair and dress swing around her wildly –slipping into her truest form. Through it all her smile never fades. She’s wholeheartedly in love with her craft.

Now let’s talk about Tone. He’s got so much soul that it sounds like he’s lived through a divorce, the Depression, and the Apocalypse in his short  years. His voice is course but rich like salted carmel. The contrast between Cece’s high sweet nightingale and Tone’s guttural growl is pure gold.

The dynamic duo met through Craigslist when Tone posted an ad for a drummer. They met in North Park and bonded over their mutual love for the root of all great music – the blues. I’d like to take this moment to thank Craig for blessing us with this magic. Over the last few years, their album “Homewrecker” has won them great success–especially with their hit, “Haunted Heart“. Their latest creation, “Gold Fever“, is poised to do the same.

When you see them play live, you’ll understand my obsession.