The Drums

The Drums

The Drums emitted the force of love at House of Blues for their first stop of tour


The Drums Have embarked on their summer tour, and their first stop was good ol’ classy San Diego. Everyone dressed up in their finest fits, and were more than ready to get those hips moving like a salt shaker. Opener of the night was a well known rapper and producer Cold Hart. As soon as Cold Hart took the stage, there was a sense of love in the air, with a hint of hip-hop, punk, and rock n’ roll energies. It was different, and something that everyone in the venue could relate to. If you like new and interesting sounds, Cold Hart is right up your alley. 

Now if you’ve ever wondered what true love could feel like, all you have to do is go to a Drums concert. The way lead singer Jonathan Pierce immediately started gliding across the stage with such grace it could cut the air. Also the voice, just playing around yours, that makes you feel like you’re back home with your one and only. They went through a slew of songs with such elegance. The Drums also played “Obvious’ ‘, a new single off their highly anticipated forthcoming album, an amazing preview of what is to come. San Diego showed out with perfection, and class. We danced, drank, cried, smiled, and most importantly we felt something. Thank you Drums. Catch them on their summer tour!!


Review and photos by: Nicholas Regalado