Take Offense‘s Saturday, July 7 event at the Che Café is what punk dreams are made of: pizza, record shopping, moshing, and a music video shoot!

Take Offense

Take Offense. Photo by Veronika Reinert.

Hardcore band Take Offense is starting the weekend off with a music video shoot event for their new song “Trust.” Complete with shopping, food and drinks, this party marks the band’s newfound energy and bright future.

The South Bay is now known for its surf rock scene, but it’s the birth place of many hardcore bands including Take Offense. First established in 2004, the band has two albums under their belt and covered more ground touring than a lot of San Diego bands have. (Past tours have taken them to almost all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Europe!) Take Offense has a lot more up their sleeve after dropping their EP Tensions On High (2018) including another trip back to Europe in August.

Saturday’s event at the Che Café Collective starts off with a pre-show party from 6-8pm. Visitors can browse offerings from Standards Records, Sensitive Cassettes and Flower Chainz, or chow down on ‘za from Pizzeria Luigi and sip on a coffee from Heartwork Coffee Bar. The show begins at 8pm with Oxnard-based Dead Heat and Take Offense following with their shoot/set.

Guitarist Greg Cerwonka answered a couple questions from ListenSD about Take Offense’s future and how fans, friends and maybe even YOU, can be apart of it at their unique music video event.

Take Offense

Take Offense’s event is Saturday, July 7 at Che Café Collective

Why did you decide to make a music video shoot an event with vendors and an opening band?
We’ve done music videos before, but none capturing the “live” aspect of our band. I thought it would be more engaging to our fans if we made an event out of it. That way, you can check out some pop-ups, have something to eat, drink, and watch some bands. I think that’s a much better experience then the “please show up at (insert time) and look interested while we play” type of video shoot.

Your music video shoot will be for the song “Trust” off Tensions On High. Why did Take Offense pick that song?
The song “Trust” is a short, fast, high energy track. It’s the perfect background music for what occurs during a Take Offense set at the Che Café.

Who came up with the concept of the video shoot?
We’ve been wanting to do a video that showcases the energy of our live set for a while now. It was just perfect timing that the Che Café finished its renovations last month, and our newest EP came out not to long before that.

Take Offense has a long standing relationship with the Che Café Collective. Why was it important for the band to hold the event there?
Take Offense played its first ever show at the Che Café back in 2004. It has been the most consistent San Diego venue for us to play at. We’ve been around for close to 15 years and have played everything from loading docks, sewers, houses, short lived DIY spots, and bars. The Che has remained the one consistent all ages venue to the San Diego punk and hardcore scenes. This goes back all the way to the 80’s. It also treats local acts fairly, which says a lot compared to your other “venues” in San Diego. Sometimes we’ve butted heads with members of the collective, but we’ve always had respect for the Che. Some of the most energetic and wild show experiences of my life have been at the Che, so it was only natural to do our video there.

Tell us about some of the vendors that will be there and why you chose to them.
All the vendors that are apart of this event have either played in bands, booked shows, or have just been in the scene for years. The fact they have gone on and started successful entrepreneurial endeavors is a testament to the DIY ethos we all practice in the punk and hardcore scenes. It ties the community together, so that’s why I reached out to them.

You’re giving out Take Offense goodie bags to the first 50 people. Can you tell us what’s in them or is it a surprise?
You’ll just have to show up at 6 ;)… Who knows? It could be some limited goodies, it could be a giant con to get people there early…

What’s next for Take Offense?
We’ll be touring Europe all of August and writing a new record for the remainder of the year. If everything works out, 2019 will be our busiest year yet!

Take Offense’s video shoot at the Che Café Collective starts at 6pm. Click here for more information.

Interview By: ListenSD Staff