Buddha Trixie delivers a lush smack in the face of a psychedelic grunge lollipop that forces you to keep licking until you realize you’ve been floating high above the rainbow clouds!

“Nobody Hangs Out” is an anthem that sonically channels the chillwave of Beatles-esque Tame Impala meets the crunchy alternative of Weezer’s Pinkerton for a deliciously original and fresh elixir that cures the hangover of bands trying too hard to be “psychedelic”.  These young lads have been on my radar since the release of their 2015 Real – EP, and I‘m calling it here, fellow seekers of the sound: This new single is their breakout 🔥!

Buddha Trixie will be releasing a full-length sometime this summer called “Stop the Space Age” and have an all-ages show at the Ché TONIGHT with Dog Party and Lovely Bad Things.

Budda Trixie at the Che Cafe'

Review By: Craig Schreiber