Cat Scan Interview with ListenSD

ListenSD got the chance to chat with David Evanko of Cat Scan after their set at The Che Cafe in San Diego. We chatted Desert Daze, favorite songs to play and more. Check it out!

ListenSD: How’d you like the Che Cafe tonight? Was it a fun show?

Cat Scan: It was very fun, I have wanted to play there since I was a little kid. I think I saw The Locust here when I was 12 years old. I have very fond memories of this place and I really respect what they’re doing there, so it’s good to be a part of it.


LSD: How did it feel having Rolling Stone Magazine write an article about your song NRA?

Cat Scan: It was very weird, I mean like we were happy. It’s very flattering. It was just – we were not expecting anything, we didn’t expect anyone to write anything about us, so it was just weird – in a good way – weird is good.

cat scan

Photo by: Nikki Pickle

LSD: How was it playing at Desert Daze? How was that for you guys?

Cat Scan: It was really special for me because I’ve worked for Desert Daze for years and back when it was small even, and I’ve been behind the scenes for so long that being asked to play was really special, and I was on the clock while we played that was fun too. It’s a very special festival for me and the rest of the band as well, we will remember that weekend forever.


LSD: What are some of your favorite songs to perform? Like maybe what are some of the most hype ones, the ones that the crowd goes crazy for, what would you say those would be?”

Cat Scan: I really like, one of our songs, I like playing Upstairs-Downstairs a lot because Ian and I really just – we improvise most of it so we never know how it’s gonna go. The improvisation aspect while playing live is probably one of my favorites. We’ve made up songs on the spot before and that was by far my favorite, so yeah we’ll probably talk about doing more of that.


Don’t miss out on the next time Cat Scan comes to town, they rock!

Host: Jordan Blinn
Video Editor: Raelena Kniff