The Paranoyds Interview with ListenSD

ListenSD got the chance to chat with the band’s members: Lexi, Staz, Laila, and David before they played at The Che Cafe in San Diego. Check it out!


ListenSD: So how’d you guys all meet each other and get started as a band?

The Paranoyds: We’ve all been friends, we’ve been friends since preschool and we all went to high school together. And then we met David in 2015.

LSD: Can you tell me a little bit about being on Suicide Squeeze record label?

The Paranoyds: We’re stoked, it’s like having a dad to look over you which is nice because it is just us, we’re self-managed.

LSD: How long have you guys been on the record label?

The Paranoyds: Almost a year.


LSD: I know you guys have been on tour, doing some festivals, and I know a dollar of your merch is going to the relief in Australia, was that inspired by The Global Warming tour?

The Paranoyds: Yeah, I think it has been so hot in LA lately oh it’s gonna be like 76 degrees tomorrow that we’re like wait a second it’s January and it’s hot what’s happening? Oh wait this is probably gonna happen all over, this is a Global Warming tour.

LSD: Did you decide that before or after the brush fires?

The Paranoyds: The brush fires have been going on since September so yeah it is still going on so we just decided that maybe the last couple weeks, we’re just happy to be helping out

LSD: What would you hope that your music will help and inspire kids or the world, what is your hope to bring your music to others?

The Paranoyds: If you see us and you’re like ‘I could do that so much better and I’ve never played an instrument’, then I hope you pick up an instrument and I hope you start playing because you need more of that and less of this and more of that – no more, no more thumb war.

LSD: What advice would you give kids that are playing music today?

The Paranoyds: Practice, do it as much as possible, take advice from people that you look up to, and take the negativity and use it as motivation

LSD: What’s next for the Paranoyds?

The Paranoyds: Going to Arizona on Tuesday, big ass global warming tour

Never Give Up on Your Dreams, kids

The Paranoyds just announced a EURO TOUR and are going to melt your brains off

Go see The Paranoyds play live in a city near you, they ROCK.

Interview by: Rachel Frank