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To all the lovers, the lovelorn, and every relationship status in-between – DRAMA’s debut album, “Dance Without Me”, is out now and coming to a dance floor near you. The talented Chicago-based duo will be performing their soulful and dark electro-pop at Music Box Thursday, February 27th.

The multicultural collaboration between house producer Na’el Shehade’s and vocalist Via Rosa, has already captured the hearts of many through their original EP Gallows, which boasts over 58M streams on Spotify alone.

The latest album, released on Valentine’s day, explores a continuum of romantic dynamics lyrically with just as much assortment as their genre-blending sound encompasses. Conjuring up feelings from heartbreak to bliss, their range of sensual and uplifting beats affirms we’re not alone in this human experience. The sizzling track “Gimme Gimme” is laced with Zhu like synths and is an ode to developing a healthy relationship and respecting one’s needs. The single “Nine One One” is a comforting message written to a friend struggling with dark times, while “Hold On” empowers someone to retain their self-worth despite a break-up.

We’ll be taking a break from our introspective listening to join other music lovers at the upcoming show to empower our vulnerabiility and raise vibrations. Call your lover or round up your BFF for a night out as we move through all the feels on the dancefloor.

Grab your tickets now before it’s too late! We promise, it’s one decision you won’t want to overthink.

By: Kate Ammerman

Don’t miss out on seeing DRAMA when they come to town!
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