Just before their San Diego debut at Tower Bar, we got the chance to have a cheeky chat with the guys from Dirty Fences.

With a loveable air of disdain for austerity and an infectious energy, it’s clear that this troupe doesn’t take much too seriously–except for rock n’ roll that is. Our conversation with Dirty Fences ran the gamut from new music, to songwriting, and everything in between (e.g. Guy Fieri and Super Bowl LI). You won’t want to miss out on their show this Thursday, January 18th at Tower Bar.

Where are you? How are you?
We are driving to Houston. Played in Austin last night with a bunch of sweet bands! It was a wild night! Tour has just begun and we’re having a lot of fun so far.

Let’s talk new music. How does your new record, Goodbye Love, chart into the progression of your discography?
We are a hard working rock n roll band influenced by our surroundings. This album reflected our life on tour more than the rest of our records because, well, we’ve been playing way more. On the road, it’s not all playtime. There’s a lot of stress and heartache involved in trying to tour enough to make a modest living as a rock band. We try to express a positive take on it. This album may sound different than the other albums because we’ve been getting better at playing with each other. The more songs we write, the more we evolve. That’s how it works for every band if they can stick together.

“One More Step” feels like an old fashioned ode to heartbreak, and an apt punctuation regarding the title of your album. What inspired the album title?
You nailed it. When you’re living on the road away from the ones you love it wears on you. Sometimes you have to leave love behind or reject it to commit to the life you chose.

Tell me about collaborating with Christina Halladay and the making of “One More Step.”
Tina is our awesome friend who is talented, kindhearted, and all around really fun. Having her sing with us was simply another excuse to get her to come hang out and spend time with us.

Describe your style! What informs your wardrobe choices, or your aesthetic, so to speak?
Hey we love it all! Glam, rap, punk, Diddy Kong, Mel Brooks, Tony Iommi, Carly Simon, Slick Rick, Fritz Mead, Doritos, Joey Ramone… Everything inspires us and we like to look weird and comfortable and it doesn’t matter what it is if it make us laugh and feel energetic. We’re down with a clown.

Tell me a little bit about the making of the video for “Judy Don’t Go” from your 2015 album, Full Tramp. It’s refreshingly oddball and hilarious. What were the ideas that led the creative development for that video?
We saw so many videos of all girl bands dressing up as boys and thought “Enough is enough! We’re gonna do the same concept but SWITCHED!” No one saw it coming.

What is one question you wish you were asked? And your answer?
Q: Can you smell what the rock is cooking?
A: Yes. Stone Cold Steamed Lobster.

What’s your dream show?
A crossover between Married with Children and Family Matters that takes place in a prison in the Swiss alps that’s run by Guy Fieri.

What’s your favorite moment in music in 2017?
Whatever was at the Super Bowl. That was probably cool, right?

What are San Diegans in store for at Tower Bar?
A think piece about a mid level band struggling with their own limitations in the harsh face of stardom.

You can listen to Dirty Fences’ new album, Goodbye Love, everywhere. Grab tickets to their show, here.

Interview by: Soni Bhalla

Photo Courtesy of Justin Aversano