Half Eaten

Half Eaten

ARTIST: Half Eaten
TITLE: Brain Dead
RELEASE DATE: December 17th, 2017
LABEL: Tooth Hill Productions

Half Eaten’s new track, “Brain Dead,” invites the listener to a surf-tinged haunted house party that begs for repeat listens.

“Brain Dead” is the lead single from San Diego band Half Eaten‘s debut album, Garbage Games. Released last December, the single showcases a band capable of wielding the nostalgia of 60s surf rock and transforming it into something fresh and exciting.

With a foreboding entrance, the minimalist drum and bass provide a pulsating rhythm. This lends support to the airy vocals and the reverb-laden guitar tones. As the song comes to a close, a blistering guitar solo that could fit into surf films like “Endless Summer” is delivered. The music video contains a variety of vintage film ranging from scenes of art, anatomy, and space. As a result, the cohesion of style between the track and video allow the music to flow effortlessly.

With vocals similar to Congratulations-era MGMT, and instrumentals referencing the sounds of classic artists like The Animals, Half Eaten produced an earworm of a track and shows that this is a group San Diego should look out for.

Review by: Max Sanchez