Black Marble

A sold-out crowd warmly greeted Black Marble at their annual pilgrimage to Space Bar last week.

An hour before Space Bar opened their doors on Thursday night, a buzzing crowd of eager Black Marble fans had already amassed along El Cajon Boulevard.


Although they haven’t shared any new music since the release of their second full-length album, It’s Immaterial (2016), the crowd was excited.

Throughout the night, song requests were shouted from all corners of the room. At one point, a fan requested a song that the band had already opened with. Black Marble’s frontman, Chris Stewart, didn’t hesitate to remind the absent-minded fan of this fact.

As they eased into their set, Stewart introduced the crowd to his new band mate, Oliver Vonderahe. Vonderahe seamlessly manned the keys, synth, and guitar as Stewart led with deep basslines coupled with entrancing vocals. Together the duo executed an impeccable set that featured notable songs like “Pretender,” “Self Guided Tours,” and “Frisk.”

As the night came to a close, Stewart asked the crowd for one last request. By this point it was obvious that they had to round out the night with “Iron Lung,” a bass heavy, dance track that had the entire crowd swaying into one another. Stewart thanked the crowd and exclaimed, “We’ll see you back on this same stage in 12 months time!”