interpol san diego

Interpol melted the crowd’s wildest dreams with their post-punk infused darkwave snare-heavy mix melodies accompanied by Paul Banks’ potent voice.

Interpol is one of those bands that sounds like New York at night. Punks dressed in nice clothing. Coming from the post-punk revival scene in the 00s playing alongside peers such as The Strokes and the National, they will revitalize your soul. With influences from Joy Division and Television, Interpol has encapsulated frustration into beauty and the show at Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater was no different.

interpol san diego

Tycho set the stage and led us through a myriad of out-of-body meditative experiences with their soothing ambient melodies intertwined with upbeat tempos prepping our nervous system for what was to come with Interpol. 

interpol san diego

As the lights began to dim, red smoke engulfed the stage as the five-piece band, Interpol took the stage and captured every audience member’s gaze with their post-punk sexual energy that is Evil. Rosemary, heaven restores you in life. Lead singer, Paul Banks takes the stage dressed dapperly in a black turtleneck suit and slicked-back hair preparing the audience for their twisted dark early 00s NYC dive bar fantasy that is rock and roll.

Opening up the night with “Untitled” leading right into the classics with “Evil”, Interpol took us on a spiritual journey with all the thrills on their San Diego stop on The Other Side of Make Believe Tour. Thank you.

Don’t miss out on seeing them next time they come to town! Check out their upcoming show dates here. 


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Photos by: Sylvia Borgo
Review by: Rachel Frank
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