Winter is Coming. Music Is Here.

Game of Thrones Experience at Viejas Arena by Lauren Pettigrew

Game of Thrones Experience

An award-winning soundtrack enhances every legendary cinematic work of art. Music heightens the experience –  it makes the action tenser, the emotional connection more heartfelt, and the suspense more riveting. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones and Westworld, chances are you’ve noticed the music stands a tier above the rest. Medieval instrumental themes are integral in Game of Thrones. Ragtime versions of classics like “Black Hole Sun” and “Paint it Black” enhance the cerebral elements of Westworld. The mastermind behind the music, Ramin Djawdi, brought the Game of Thrones Live Experience to San Diego for the first time on Tuesday at Viejas Arena.

A must-see for superfans, this live experience brought the show to dazzling musical life through brilliant composition from Djawdi, a cast of talented musicians, and grandiose special effects. The iron throne sat center stage as defining character moments danced across the screen. A captivated audience watched their favorite scenes played out by a live orchestra in full theatrical costume. As rose petals fell from the sky, a solo violinist floated upwards, levitating atop the arena as her dress billowed below her. The production also showcased solo vocals, electric guitar, and unique instruments such as didgeridoos and dulcimers. The North descended upon the audience in the form of snow falling from the sky and dragons were announced by erupting fire. Djawdi took fans on a tour through the seven kingdoms and brought them closer to the old gods and the new.

Not that we needed any extra motivation to get excited for Season 8, but we’ll certainly now be waiting in eager anticipation.

Photos and Review by: Lauren Pettigrew