Chet Faker

Chet Faker

Review and Photos By: Summer Luu

Chet Faker sold out Belly Up this past Monday in sunny (or should I say, rainy?) San Diego. Everyone and their mom was at this show.

Who could not be?

Ever since Nick Murpy (yes, Nick Murphy, that’s his real name folks) came on the scene with his cover, “No Diggity” (originally by Blackstreet), he’s been hailed the “Ginger Beard God” of electronic soul and R&B. He’s even said in an interview with Rip It Up that it’s satirical for him to sing “Shawty get down”. Nonetheless, Chet Faker played the last show of his U.S. tour in sleepy Solana Beach to an induced crowd of young and old(er). The depth of his vocals echoed throughout the venue supported by the heavy vibrations of beats he threw out. Halfway into his set, the crowd got a taste of wild spontaneity by the 23-year-old Australian. He had gone rogue and told the audience that no one in the world has ever heard this song. If you weren’t in that room, you have never heard this song before. “I like to make things up,” were his last words before the unplanned song began.

A few months back, Chet Faker had arrived at our local Casbah and scolded the crowd for not getting “down” and feeling the music in their bones. This time, Chet Faker got what he had asked for. He played “Drop the Game” deep into his set, a single from his first album, Built On Glass, a collaboration done with rising DJ, producer and fellow Aussie, Flume and the crowd grooved in one slow motion throughout the 3:42 minute song and not ending until Chet finished his set.

The jist of it all, Chet Faker mumbled beautifully, created sick beats and seduced the crowd with his beard and man-bun. Well done, Chet.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in 2015 and on.