Watching Cherry Glazerr live, I immediately wanted to watch them play again.

Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr

My first Cherry Glazerr experience was invigorating, and their infectious energy buzzed through the Joshua Tree landscape, inciting the spirits of a few thousand audiophiles. I was high on life and perhaps a few other substances, in a waking dream called Desert Daze fest, mid-October 2016. Though I had never heard of them, I followed friends to the performance on the main stage and was quickly rewarded by a delicious amalgamation of noise pop and garage rock, a sound gritty and raw but at times classically melodic. In that moment, I knew this band was something special, and that I must watch them play live again.

Enter their second album, Apocalipstick, the basis for a tour in southern California to finish 2017. The album is a proclamation of girl power and world weary angst with a rock’n’roll fervor that radiated off the stage and injected the crowd at the Observatory North Park. Their raw energy oozed through my veins and set my feet dancing. They played new jams including “Told You I’d Be With the Guys,” a ballad with a pounding guitar riff breakdown containing new found realizations. Perhaps the best track of the set was “Nurse Ratched,” a bad girl anthem that stays in your head like a make out session with your new crush. Clementine Creevy, the band’s frontwoman and songwriter, croons about a “wild one” that will forever break your heart.

The best thing about this group is their joyful exuberance; perhaps it’s their youth, but their excitement is palpable. The show made us all thrash together and left the audience with smiles, but it might have had something to do with a full moon directly on the center stage!

If you’ve never seen them play live, the time is now. Catch these kids for their splendid songs, rousing energy, and cute butts. Put on your lipstick, time to dance apocalyptic.

Review by: Ty Velasquez
Photos by: Francesca Tirpak