We’re just a few days out from Bleached Fest in San Diego’s iconic Waterfront Park, with a diverse indie-pop lineup you must not miss! These are 3 artists we can’t wait to see, along with some song selections to get you hyped.


If you like Odie, or Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton, seeing Bikini is a no-brainer. He’ll be the second artist downstage on Sunday, which is a great way to kick off the day! With Binki you can expect effortlessly cool hip-hop mixed with indie-rock which makes for very unique feel good house party vibes, *red solo cups optional. 

Song you probably know: “Seasick”  

Song you should check out: “Marco”


Caroline Polachek

You may know her as a founding member of Chairlift with the hit single, “bruises” from back in 2008. Since then, Caroline Polachek has soared in her solo career and the music remains divine. With Polachek, you can expect striking vocals, powerful lyrics and a variety of beats and tempos that will have you dancing before you even realize it. 

Song you probably know: “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”  

Song you should check out: “I Believe”



Guaranteed to be a great performance, Cannons’ sound is fresh and sexy—everything bedroom pop should be! Cannons made a splash this past Coachella, securing their reputation as a must see, indie-pop band on the rise! Hot tip: Cannons has an excellent cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark

Song you probably know: “Fire for You”  

Song you should check out: “Purple Sun”


For information on the festival, you can check out the website here, it’s not too late to get your tickets! Stay tuned for ListenSD updates on San Diego’s Bleached Fest.

By: Zena Marpet
Photo by: Allyson Ta