ListenSD Exclusive: Dayglow on festival life, moving to Malibu, and his dream collab.

Step into the world of indie luminary Sloan Struble of Dayglow as he opens up about the exhilarating festival circuit and his musical evolution in an exclusive conversation with ListenSD. Unveiling the highs and lows of festival life, the psychology behind his nostalgic sound, and even a surprise relocation announcement, Dayglow’s insights provide a glimpse into the mind of a rising star. Join us for a captivating interview that delves into the artist’s influences, preferences, and aspirations, all while celebrating the feel-good vibes that define his music.

Listen SD: You have had an eventful couple of months bopping around from festival to festival! What’s that like?

Sloan Struble: Yeah and we did even more last year than we did this year… It’s exhausting in a really exciting way. Like festivals, I don’t think they’re necessarily competitive, but there’s like this competitive energy to it. You know, when you do a headline show, it’s your fans and you’re good to go. But sometimes, you just have people hanging out waiting to hear the next set.

ListenSD: Ah yes, there seems to be a lot of psychological strategy that goes into making a festival lineup. 

Sloan Struble: Totally and with certain set times, there is this exhaustion that happens when  you really have to impress the crowd, more than you would with the headline show. But I have to say it’s very exciting to do and luckily these are all really great festivals.

ListenSD: In your bio, Spotify describes ultimate feel good music. What is it like to be making this kind of music for people to enjoy?

Sloan Struble: So live music is all about just like people coming, going somewhere to feel good. So I love that we can be a part of that experience. 

ListenSD: So Dayglow is performing at night at Bleached Fest. Do you have a preference for playing during the day or at night? 

Sloan Struble: I haven’t had the opportunity too much to get to play at night, so it’s exciting. You know, that is technically usually a good thing at a festival, but, I don’t know what I prefer.

ListenSD:  Is there an artist you’re most excited to see here at Bleached?

Sloan Struble: I love Leon Bridges. Uh, but he’s starting when we end, so it might be a tight turnaround. Remi Wolf is a friend as well, and would love to see her but we’re on at the same time!

ListenSD:  What music have you been listening to?

Sloan Struble: A lot of Steely Dan, King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard, I’ve just been really into listening to albums all the way through. I have also been listening to a lot of podcasts, I really like The Armchair Expert. 

ListenSD: Not going to lie, we peeped your Instagram and saw you have been spending a lot of time in California? Are you moving?!

Sloan Struble: Haha, everyone just assumes I’m moving to LA now, but actually a ListenSD exclusive; I’m moving to Malibu!

ListenSD: Very cool, Malibu definitely has some western/country influences in the culture so you’ll feel right at home! Also beautiful weather. 

Sloan Struble: Yeah you know people criticize the weather here, saying how there are no seasons but I actually enjoy that. I tour so often that I’m constantly in fight or flight. So like, if I know exactly what it will be like every time I come home, no matter what time of the year, that safety is important. 

ListenSD: Future directions for Dayglow? 

Sloan Struble: I love aesthetic bands. Like the band itself as a vibe. Steely Dan is a great example, you know, it’s like two guys. But it’s a whole world. 

ListenSD: We’re curious, who would be your dream artist to collab with? 

Sloan Struble: Um, I feel like I’d be wrong to not say Harry Styles. I feel like that’s what I need. 

ListenSD: I think that’s what we all need!

Dayglow went on to play an ubelievably electric set that evening, check out our review!

By: Zena Marpet
Photos by: Allyson Ta